September 11th, 2008

News from friends

Micol Ostow wrote one of my very favorite Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies, 30 Guys in 30 Days. Now she's hosting a cyber launch party for her new book outside the series, Popular Vote. You can visit her here, read an interview with me about the dark side of being drum major, and register to win copies of my books The Boys Next Door and Major Crush. Then cruise the party for lots more author interviews and prizes!

In other news, my beautiful friend Christy Reece has a new author photo that makes her look all serious like a professional romantic suspense author, as if she has stepped to the threshold and looked into the dark abyss:

This is very funny to me. You would have to know Christy. Christy and I are such good friends because we agree that our local writers' group, Southern Magic, is a wonderful way to meet other authors and network and feel somewhat less crazy in the realization that other authors are as crazy as you or more so--but more than this, Southern Magic is full of excuses to eat dessert. We have cake for selling a novel, cake for winning a contest, cake cake cake. As our vice president last year, Christy was responsible for new legislation dictating that when someone signs with a literary agent for the first time, that author has gotten a little piece of the publishing pie--and so we eat pie. In short, Christy is my kind of person.

Now two of the three novels in Christy's adult romantic suspense series with Ballantine are available for pre-order on Amazon! You can pre-order Rescue Me (April 2009) here and Return to Me (May 2009) here. Please join me in buying Christy's books and introducing her to the horrors of watching her Amazon sales rank fluctuate.