March 21st, 2008

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents carriejones!

LOVE (AND OTHER USES FOR DUCT TAPE) tells the story of 18-year-old Belle Philbrick, who watches love blossom in the lives of all around her while she and her boyfriend seem to be treading water. As she barrels toward the end of her senior year, Belle watches as everything around her changes…and not all for the best. And in the midst of dealing with the changes comes the revelation that her best friend might be pregnant. Through Belle, Jones examines issues of labeling, making choices, and the anxiety of “what next?” as Belle looks ahead to life beyond high school.

Jenn: Do you write full-time?

Carrie: I write full time, but right now, I'm also running for office. Yes! Crazy, I know.

I used to be a newspaper reporter and editor. This forced me to:

1. Work on deadline

2. Write fast.

These skills come in really handy in the fiction writing world, too.

I left my job as an editor and worked part-time as a columnist while I went to graduate school at Vermont College for writing for children and young adults. I could ONLY do this because my husband is ridiculously kind and makes more money in one year than I could make in FIVE years as a newspaper editor. How wrong is that?

Also, he is cute.

I am really lucky.

The worst part of the transition was suddenly being alone a lot in the day time. It's really quiet in the house, especially compared to a newspaper press room, and I missed the give-and-take that happens. I do not, however, miss having to write down exact quotes. It's much more fun making things up.

Jenn: Where do you write?


Jenn: What makes you happiest about writing?

Carrie: I fall in love with my characters. Love makes me happy, just like Muppets and strudel.

Jenn: Give us a run-down on all your books.

Carrie: My first book is TIPS ON HAVING A GAY (ex) BOYFRIEND. It's about Belle who discovers her boyfriend is gay. She deals with it. The both find new love. This came out May 2007 and it just won the Maine Literary Award and was a finalist in the Cybils Award and the Gayle Wilson. How cool is that? The paperback comes out this spring.

The sequel is LOVE (AND OTHER USES FOR DUCT TAPE). Belle has to deal with some friendship issues and sexual stuff. I feel naughty just writing that phrase. Ahem. Sexual stuff. Sorry. I have to go giggle now. That's how mature I am. This came out this month.

GIRL, HERO (also a young adult novel) is about Liliana Faltin whose dad has started to cross-dress in a mellow way and her mom has a new man in her life. The new man is not a good man. Lily has a lot of father issues and she writes letters to John Wayne, a dead movie star, as she struggles to find someone to save her. This comes out in August.

MOE BERG is a non-fiction picture book, which arrives this fall. It's about a guy who was a major league baseball player and a spy during WWII.

NEED (this title may change) appears in January with Bloomsbury. It's about a girl, Zara, who is being stalked by a human-sized pixie. It is also a romance and young adult.

Then I've contracted with Bloomsbury for another book, also ya.