January 19th, 2008

How to freak out Alabamians

I went to grad school in Kentucky, where, about this time each year, we would get two feet of snow, the university wouldn’t cancel class, and a Dickens professor would slip on the ice and break his hip. I am worldly and jaded, and I scoff at these Alabamians and their measly snow.

On the other hand, I grew up in Alabama. I understand everyone’s combination of delight and horror. We never get snow. We want some desperately. The TV stations can’t predict whether we’ll get any because an arctic blast and a tropical depression are meeting over our heads, which means 33 degrees/lots of rain or 32 degrees/lots of snow. And if we do get snow, we will be stuck until it melts, because Birmingham is very hilly and we can’t drive in this stuff. Plus there will likely be layers of snow, sleet, and ice as the temperature fluctuates from 32 to 33 and back.


The Bull and Heifer show in Pell City has been canceled due to wintry weather.

The Montevallo Chamber of Commerce has called the TV station, reporting snowflakes.

Several people in Clanton have e-mailed the TV station their photos of 1/4 inch of snow on their cars and “CLANTON SNOW” written on the windshields.

One TV reporter in the field is showing the anchors the thin coating of sleet on his truck and marveling that this fell an hour ago and it hasn’t melted yet!!!

Another TV reporter in the field is saying wow, it feels colder than it did last hour, it might have dropped a degree or two out here. The TV anchors ask her IS THAT SNOW BEHIND YOU?!? She tells the camera to pan over. No, those are white rocks.

My poor six-year-old is sitting in front of the window in his down coat and rubber boots, waiting. *sniffle*

Better than last week’s tornados.

Hey, now it’s snowing!

Update: The TV says our little baby snow flurry is about to turn into rain. My son is outside, trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue as he has read about in books. Oh how sad.

Me to husband: Do you think we should drive down to Chilton County to experience the snow?

TV: Bob, we're getting a lot of reports of people driving from Birmingham down to Chilton County to experience the snow.
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