September 27th, 2007

Addictions and habits

The Girlfriends’ Cyber Circuit will tour me next week, so I’ve been answering lots of questions about THE BOYS NEXT DOOR and my writing influences. I thought of an interesting question that no one asked me and that I should have put on my standard list of questions to the other members of the GCC:

Who are the authors you have loved so much that you read every single thing they ever wrote or at least made a good stab at it? Important for people who have been to grad school in English: authors for whom you read the entire oeuvre because you were forced to, such as (in my case) Aldous Huxley and Evelyn Waugh, do not count. We are not counting younger-than-YA books either. We would be here all day.

Jane Austen
E. M. Forster
William Faulkner
Willa Cather
Mary Stewart
Jennifer Crusie

And did you ever have the experience of LOVING A BOOK WITH ALL YOUR HEART, going straight to the library or bookstore to get another by the same author, and being sorely disappointed? I had this experience after reading Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Beginning Place. Oh how I still love this beautiful book, but The Wind’s Twelve Quarters starts with a story about a princess on a UFO and goes downhill from there if I recall correctly, and then I tried some fantasy warrior saga-type things that that I did not get at ALL.
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