September 6th, 2007

Fun birthday reads (blood! blood! blood!)

My brother is turning 40 on Wednesday. I looked at his wish list on Amazon, but I think I may have bought some of those books for him already. They all kind of run together for me. Look here:

First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign: Naval Fighter Combat from August to November 1942

Bloody Ridge: The Battle That Saved Guadalcanal

Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence

Six Armies in Normandy: From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris; June 6 - Aug 5, 1944; Revised


Fighter Boys: The Battle of Britain, 1940

Carrier Strike: The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, October 1942

Preoccupied with death are we? I guess I don't blame him. I have a birthday coming up too, but there is some comfort. However old I get, I will always be younger than my brother.

In case you can't tell, I'm testing whether he's still reading my blog.

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