September 4th, 2007

Roll Tide (for Marley) and War Eagle (sorry Marley)!

Marley got her covers for the Sorority 101 series she's writing under the name Kate Harmon. I'm so thrilled for her--the titles and covers evoke how fun these books will be. I've only read the first draft of the first book and I'm dying to read the rest! The structure reminds me of Traveling Pants with three (rather than four) alternating third-person POVs. But the tone of Marley's writing is very different. These are fast-paced page-turners with a laugh in every line. Best of all, one of the main characters is a band geek! (Marley was in a sorority AND the Million Dollar Band at the University of Alabama.)

Check out the covers here, tell Marley how beautiful they are, and tell her Echols sent you!

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