June 13th, 2007

In case you hadn't noticed...

I have pretty much given up the personal blogging because it was preventing me from writing novels (i.e., blogging is too much fun for my own good).

However, I'm still maintaining the blog for the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy authors over at www.simonpulseromanticcomedies.blogspot.com, and we'd love to see you over there.

Also, at the suggestion of Niki Burnham, I've created an LJ RSS feed for the blog at sprocoms. I think. I am sort of bumbling my way through the computerisms as usual. I wanted to name it Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies but LJ said that was too long, so I shortened it to SPRoComs and it came out sprocoms, which sounds to me like a body part, or something you would scrub off the walls of your basement using Clorox.

Anyway, please add us as a friend/subcribe to this feed, and if you can explain to me a little more about how RSS feeds work I would appreciate that too.
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