February 22nd, 2007


I just finished calling and/or e-mailing the finalists in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Now I'm just waiting for Carla to post the results to the Southern Magic site before I forward them all over the web.

Some of these authors are SO ECSTATIC to hear from me! This really makes my day, because I'm making theirs! And some authors think I'm a telemarketer. So I have learned to say "Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence" as early as possible in the conversation. Just as, the few times I tried to talk to bookstores about MAJOR CRUSH last summer, I learned to say "Simon and Schuster" up front. Otherwise I could actually see them stepping back from the counter and their eyes rolling back in their heads, as if I were asking them to stock 100 copies of my homemade manual on how to knit sweaters from garbage bags.
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