November 14th, 2006

May 22, 2007!

Right! As janajoh points out, you might like to know what the book is about.

Lori and her older brother have spent every summer swimming and wakeboarding with the three boys next door, and working at the boys' family marina. Lori is close to Adam, the "baby" of the family, who's actually her age. But it's the middle brother, Sean, who rocks her boat.

Sean will be off to college by the end of the summer, so Lori needs to act now or never. Just when she thinks she's caught him, she finds out he's gone fishing himself--and netted Adam's even younger girlfriend.

To get Adam's girlfriend and Sean back, Lori and Adam pretend to date. Their plan works when they make waves at a party on the lake. That's when they discover they've gone off the deep end--for each other! Lori thought love would be smooth sailing, but she's in way over her head.
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