September 23rd, 2006

It's just not a football Friday night in the South without a tornado

After the warning sirens shut off, we went to see our old high school play a suburb of Birmingham. My husband was a bit hard on the team, imho, because he played for them himself.

But the band was awesome. They started with Earth Wind & Fire--always a good sign--and worked their way through Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago, with a funky tuba solo, of all things. Classic! I love a marching band with a sense of humor.

Today I'll attend a meeting of my local RWA chapter, Southern Magic. Several chicks have won contests recently, so there will be cake.
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There was no cake, but I had a Snickers, and Christy brought Hershey's, and Kate Lyon gave me Godiva for helping out. So it was a good meeting after all.
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