August 10th, 2006

I TOLD you I have my finger on the pulse of the nation!

My best friend from high school sends me the news that BAND GEEKS: A Halftime Musical, playing in New York and Chicago, is getting terrific reviews.

"Will the Elyria Pioneer Marching Band ever be appreciated? Will the band get the money it needs? Will the drum major catch his staff? Will anyone in the band get some action? What really happened at band camp?

"This 80's flavored musical features original music, original marching and big, big bangs. It's a little bit naughty and a little bit sweet- the show for anyone who ever felt misunderstood in high school. And remember, Band Geeks got a lot more action than you did!"

Selected cast and staff members:

Jarrad Apperson | Dylan, Corey is elated to be performing in a Single Box Turn original production. Celebrated as a middle range actor, never impressing and never disappointing, Jarrad has been "kinda" acting and singing for longer than his parents had planned. His general lack of talent and self-esteem, mixed with his inherent Irish luck, has made Jarrad the mediocre talent he is today. He plans on continuing to display his full mediocrity "at least for a couple of more years... I don't know, maybe not," says Jarrad, 25. Jarrad, or J-Rod, is also unemployed.

Elisabeth Dunson | Brenda has been acting and improvising in Chicago since 1995. She was in Jr. High band in Pflugerville, TX, but had to quit because the bus driver stole her saxophone and pawned it.

Mik Erwin | Marching Consultant had his first trumpet lesson in third grade and by the time he graduated from high school he played 7 different brass instruments and won three of his six National Championships with the Lake Band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Attending the University of Wisconsin in Madison he tried out for the Badger Band along with 500 other hopefuls and got a rare full marching spot in the Tuba section and later became the Drum Major! He admires anyone who wore the Q-tip hat and caught a mace!

Tony Francesconi | Art Director was never in band (sadly), though he did manage a small punk band in high school named MILKFAT.

Matt Raettig | Web Designer
Born in Alaska, raised in Wisconsin, Matt had a stellar middle school career as 4th chair trombone- although it was really a tie for third- because Craig ("the" third trombone) was mediocre. In high school, Matt moved on to a solid third chair trombone (out of five) mainly because chairs 4 and 5 were discovering the joys of Wild Turkey in the practice rooms and couldn't hold a note without feeling "woozy." Not only a "band fag," Matt was also a "skate fag" and an "art fag." Trifecta! He experimented with instrumentation, haircuts, fashion and music- oh yeah- the ladies loved it. A resident of Chicago since 1991, Matt still is into music, used to have a band (that will get back together... someday), still skateboards, is involved in the arts AND made his mother happy by making a career out of an art degree. Matt is a graphic and web designer in Chicago. He is currently debating the purchase of a new trombone.
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