August 1st, 2006

MAJOR CRUSH takes the field today!

I just want to thank everyone in the marching band who serenaded me with Earth Wind & Fire at breakfast this morning and spelled out "MAJOR CRUSH" on my front lawn. Nothing could have made my first book release date more special! And how sweet of Chuck and Leanne to transport everyone over from band camp in their Miata. ♥

Okay, I know the trombones stole my mailbox. Ha ha, very funny, but I want it back, properly attached (not backwards), exactly where it was (not across the road), by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, or else. And don't Oreo my car! I know how you think.
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There is one thing that could make this day more special...

...and that's getting an A- review from Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

As you know if you've read my LJ for a while and you've seen all my links to them, I admire Candy and Sarah so much. They're incredibly smart and funny. It's the most awesome feeling to know that someone whose work you appreciate appreciates you back. And I'm completely confident the reader isn't giving me the thumbs-up just to be nice. Because the Smart Bitches know. Bitches.
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