July 19th, 2006

Major crushed

I'm leaving for the RWA National Conference in Atlanta on the 25th, and my MAJOR CRUSH bookmarks have arrived. I even left space in the middle of the front for my Fancy Author Signature! Only, they don't look so hot.



My friend Paula Graves, author and graphic designer extraordinaire, tells me the resolution of the book cover was too low. I've asked my publisher for another book cover file, but I don't think I'll have new bookmarks by the conference.

So Drew and Virginia look like they are marching through a cloud of gnats. Come to think of it, when I was in band, there were a lot of gnats on the football field this time of year.

What should I do?

Trash the bookmarks.
Hand out the bookmarks and hope nobody notices they look weird.
Hand out the bookmarks and explain, "Those are gnats."
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