June 17th, 2006

Breaking news...

Birmingham's music festival, City Stages, is going on this weekend. Nine stages, 125 performances: Hank Williams Jr., the Allman Brothers, the Beach Boys, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra (LiMBO, formerly known as the Taylor Hicks Band, bless their hearts). And in breaking news...Taylor Hicks will take the stage with Snoop Dogg!

No, I'm not going. Snoop Dogg starts at 10:50 p.m. on the Miller Lite Stage and I have a five-year-old, fo' shizzle.

God, ever since Taylor returned to town during American Idol, this weatherman will not stop playing the harmonica with people.

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Torture = more music I can't hear

Drum Corps International holds a competition in Birmingham once per summer. Last year I couldn't go because my brother came down from North Carolina. This year...I can't go because my brother is coming down from North Carolina. I was thinking I might sneak out just for this one night, but now my 96-year-old granddad is coming down too, and I can't sneak out on granddad.

In case you are seeing a pattern here...no, I don't get a lot of time to myself. Luckily, my son loves bands, so I take him to a lot of high school football games and marching band competitions in the fall. Two years ago when we lived on the southern edge of Atlanta, I dragged him way up to Kennesaw with me for a drum corps competition. But he lasts for only four bands or so and then he needs to run laps.

What heaven it would be to go to this Birmingham competition by myself and just listen and watch! And you couldn't ask for a better line-up: Teal Sound, Southwind, Cadets, Phantom, Magic, and Alabama's own Spirit.

So I look further down on the caledar for something...anything. I don't think I can swing the drive over to Jacksonville AL for that competition. My husband would be working, and if I did take my son with me, I'd be fighting traffic at rush hour.

But what's this? There's a huge competition in Atlanta! At the Georgia Dome! During the RWA national conference! On the night of the RITA awards! You know I can't miss victoria_dahl presenting the Golden Heart.

The drum corps preliminary competition starts at noon on Saturday, so maybe I can go to that instead and still make the RITA awards that night. I'm scanning the RWA conference schedule for all the workshops I will be missing, plus the luncheon with keynote speaker Christina Dodd. O God.

But I will be able to see the Georgia Dome from my hotel room. And there will be marching bands in the Georgia Dome!!! I think you know my decision.

Afterthought: I wonder if there is a way I could publicize my book at this thing, and then I would not feel so guilty for skipping out on the conference. Afterafterthought: any publicizing I did should not interfere with my ability to watch the competition. And definitely should not get me thrown out of the Georgia Dome before Spirit takes the field. Hmm.
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