June 5th, 2006

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Erin Downing's Dancing Queen, the book before mine in the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies series. A sneak peek of my book appears in the back of hers. It's like I'm a Published Author! Almost. For 14 pages.

Erin's book is so cute. A high school senior from Michigan spends the summer as an intern for a TV music station in London. A teen pop star asks her out! There's also a hot Brit brooding in the background who has a sexy accent and says stuff like, "Join me for tea, yeah?" Dancing Queen is lots of fun, but the best thing about it is Erin's hilarious voice.

Erin's heroine falls down a lot. My heroine falls down a lot. I wonder if Erin is writing from life, like I am. I wonder if our editor falls down a lot, which is why she buys books about heroines who fall down a lot. I wonder if Erin and my editor also regularly hit their heads on the kitchen cabinets. *rubbing bruise*

In other news, candyhavens has bought her RITA dress. I was not planning to buy something new for the RWA awards ceremony in Atlanta. Don't you think I can get away with this? My claim to fame last year was sitting next to victoria_dahl when she won the Golden Heart. My claim to fame this year will be sitting next to Vicki when she presents the Golden Heart to someone else. No one will be looking at me.

Even if they were, wearing the same thing could work to my advantage. My grandmother had four sisters. Small children could not tell them apart. Acknowledging this, my Great Aunt Weezie wore the same black and white striped shirt to every family reunion so people would recognize her.

I could be my Great Aunt Weezie. By the 2055 conference, everyone will know Jennifer Echols--"the one who always wears the blue satin top, black satin pants, and black sequined sandals that might have been stylish fifty years ago. Don't stare."
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