May 11th, 2006

Soul patrol

Taylor Hicks is playing a concert at the mall at 1:45 tomorrow. I'll let you know.

In other news, I got my registration packet for the Birmingham Zoo 10-K tomorrow night. You know, when I hypothesized that the run might actually be in the zoo, I was just kidding ha ha. The zoo is near a residential area, and I figured we'd jog around the neighborhood. But looking at the map, I see the course is totally within zoo grounds. It goes right past something I hope is only nicknamed "Fecal Pile."

A majority of the run takes place in "employee only" areas and on service roads that the public does not normally have access to. Several times you may pass off-display animal enclosures. Please stay on the running path at all times and do not approach any fence lines. The animals in the Zoo do have the potential to reach through their exhibit fencing and bite or scratch. Also, many of these animals are not accustomed to masses of people and may be frightened if you approach them.

1st Place: Ostrich egg with stand
2nd Place: Canvas painting by Mona the Asian Elephant
3rd Place: Canvas painting by Jamie the Western Lowland Gorilla
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