April 25th, 2006

Today's exciting events

Ran 5 miles. After my first 10-K last November, I cut back to 2 miles a day because I thought I'd broken my toe. No, it turns out that when I run more than 3 miles, my second and third left toes rub against the tip of my shoe most painfully (they are longer than my big toe; I am one of *those* people). This despite the fact that I got new, bigger shoes. I am five-foot-two and I'm already wearing a size nine. At some point I will start looking like a golden retriever puppy. "My Enormous Toes" would make a good name for an alternative band.

"Met" Erin Downing, who wrote the book that will be printed with an excerpt from Major Crush at the back. She is totally cool, and now I am even more giddy with anticipation of the release of her Dancing Queen on May 23! But it seemed really strange to hunt her down on the Internet. To have an excerpt of your first novel printed in the back of someone else's first novel--that is an intimate relationship, like she is my kidney donor.

Went to Starbucks and made lots of progress working out a character named I. P. Freely.

And now...good Lord, we're about to miss American Idol! Let's go!
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