April 24th, 2006


Getting my hair cut just now, I realized that I will get my hair cut only two more times before my book comes out! On the other hand, I will make breakfast 98 more times. *shrug*

I have tried to picture what August 1 will be like. The publication of my first book means so much to me, and I have worked so long and hard to get here. Seems like a marching band should play me a fanfare on my front lawn, or I should get a free breakfast at Cracker Barrel. But I'm sure I will wake up as usual, make breakfast as usual, and drive my son to day camp as usual. I will have taken the previous week off work to attend the RWA National Conference in Atlanta, so I will spend most of the day struggling to catch up with editing the medical journal on mental disease.

That's okay. In my mind, there will be a marching band.
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