December 15th, 2005

Fun with Amazon

When Major Crush first became available for pre-order on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, my sales rank was listed as "No rank." I bought 10 books to see what my rank would be then. "No rank." nephele told me I would get 25 books free from the publisher, so I canceled my order. "No rank."

I think the Super Amazon Brain just needed a few days to chew on me, because yesterday my sales rank was 889,086, and today it is 897,765. Does this mean that someone is actually pre-ordering my book available in August 2006? More likely Amazon has a hierarchy of books with no sales. Rank 889,086 puts me between American Vistas: 1877 to the Present and a romance novel published in 1996.

I would continue to order books and cancel orders to see how my sales rank would be affected. But surely this is a common practice with new authors, and Amazon has some way of countering it, such as listing your sales rank as "Poser."

I need to start a new novel for the sake of my mental health, but victoria_dahl won’t let me until I've had plenty of time to "relax."
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