November 14th, 2005

Proud to finish 1157th

Today I finally got my official time for the 10-K Vulcan Run on November 5. One hour, 12 minutes, 45 seconds. At first, my time wasn't posted in the results. I was sweating this because no one I knew saw me finish, so I had no way of proving I'd actually accomplished what I considered a milestone in my life. Then the race people told me I had a "bad chip," the thingamajig you attach to your shoe to set off the sensors that keep your time. I started to feel a little better because I reasoned that a controversy made me a Real Athlete. Like Terrell Owens! But today they e-mailed me and said they'd found my time in the back-up system. I came in 1157th! Out of about 1300. A hundred of whom didn't finish. At this point you quietly navigate away from the race results web page.

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