November 4th, 2005

Trying a new genre: science fiction

The full-length mirror attached to the door of our master bathroom makes me look thinner. I swear, walk over to the mirror over the dresser and you gain 15 pounds. I told my husband I wanted to take down the faulty mirror and replace it with a mirror that gives me a true picture of myself. He said, “What kind of person are you?"

The mirror came with the house, which was built 40 years ago. It could be that it’s an old mirror and has warped over time. Or it could be a secret portal where your body mass index is calculated and then transformed into the corresponding body mass index for 1965, when people expended more energy. They had to roll down the car window by hand, you know.

No, I’m not really trying science fiction. I only watched The X-Files for the romance between Mulder and Scully. I got really sick of it and stopped watching when Chris Carter, clearly a misogynist, started stealing Scully’s uterus, tying knots in it, and giving it back.
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Vulcan Run tomorrow!

From the Vulcan Run website:

What is the course like?

Time and effort define classics and for 30+ years the Vulcan Run has been Birmingham’s prestigious 10K road race. The Vulcan 10K is a loop course which starts by Boutwell Auditorium and winds through the very flat part of downtown and heads out towards the rolling hills of Historical Birmingham. Runners head up to Highland Avenue as they overlook the golf course. The course winds past the stately homes of Highland Avenue, then a final turn onto 20th Street, racing downhill, beneath the majestic buildings of downtown to the finish line at Linn Park and the post race ceremony inside Boutwell Auditorium.

Here is what worries me about this:

1. "rolling hills"

2. "up"

3. "overlook"

In other words it is freaking UPHILL.
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