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Major milestone

I've published 13 books with Simon & Schuster, but I've never had a photoshoot--until now! In the past, the publisher has created my covers using stock photos, or Amy Saidens drew adorable cartoons back when that was the fashion. This time I'm writing the Superlatives series of three YA romantic comedies--BIGGEST FLIRTS (coming May 20), PERFECT COUPLE (January 13, 2015), and MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED (August 4, 2015)--and the folks at Simon Pulse decided to pull out the stops for the covers. They conducted a model search to cast my main characters, brought in lots of wardrobe options, and even rented lockers for the background.

If you've visited my web page recently, you've seen the adorable result for BIGGEST FLIRTS. Now I've received the cover for PERFECT COUPLE, too. Here they are, side by side:


The titles of each will have "glossing," meaning the publisher is paying a little extra for the words to stand out from the photo like they were painted on.

And here's how both books will look together on store shelves:


Y'all, I am beside myself with joy--not just because the end result is so beautiful, but also because these images really reflect the fun, flirty stories readers will find inside. In other words, I encourage you to judge these books by their covers. Many thanks to the talented lady who designed these and the covers of so many hit YAs recently, Regina Flath.

I hear the covers were shot for PERFECT COUPLE and MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED on the same day. Now we're just waiting for Regina to put the last package together. I can't wait to see...
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