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The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Kelly Parra!

Something_Wicked-_Sh_Cover_for_KindleThe Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit is a web ring of YA authors. Check these posts for the latest releases!

SOMETHING WICKED: Young Adult Short Stories

Sometimes, they aren't costumes.

They’re baaaack.

More nightmares brought to you by the authors of the young adult anthology Prom Dates to Die For...

Beware the "Midnight Troll" on your late-night stroll by Mari Hestekin. Swim at your own risk "Under Loch and Cay" by Jenny Peterson. A curse of spiders on campus means "Arach War" by Lena Brown. "Through a Glass Darkly" one could lose a soul by Heather Dearly. Supernatural Hunters turn to the sea in "Mermania" by Kelly Parra. Social media goes to the ghouls in "Spectral Media" by Aaron Smith.

Don’t miss this paranormal fun for tween, teens and adults!

Jenn: How does this book fit in with your others? Is it part of a series, unrelated but the same sort of book, or a real departure?

Kelly: Hi Jenn, thanks for having me on your blog! The book SOMETHING WICKED is an anthology with 6 young adult authors writing a spooky YA tale. My story is “Mermania” and continues my teen supernatural hunters adventures from “Darkness Becomes Him” from PROM DATES TO DIE FOR. In DBH my teen hunters, Jaz and Blake, battled a dark angel and in “Mermania” they are up against the mythical mermaid!

Jenn: What’s the weirdest thing you were doing or the weirdest place you were when you came up with part of this book?

Kelly: A few weeks before I started "Mermania" I’d watched a documentary on the Planet channel about Mermaids. It was filmed realistically, with government cover ups and secret footage. I didn’t know if it was real or fake! Turns out—duh—it was fiction, but it ignited a story inside me!

Jenn: What good books have you read lately?

Kelly: I just finished one of my favorite series authors Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series, LAST BREATH. Lots of action and suspense!

Jenn: What’s next for you?

Kelly: I’m one of those writers who has a couple of projects in the works at once: A contemporary YA, an adult romance, and a short story collection.

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