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Back from New York!

I just spent an amazing ten days in New York City, first at the Romance Writers of America conference, then spending time with my family and friends and wandering aimlessly around the setting of Love Story. While there, I got lots of terrific news about publicity and giveaways MTV Books is planning for the book. The trip culminated last night with the news that my novel Forget You has gone back for a ninth printing, and with a glimpse at the gorgeous cover of my December book (which used to be called Double Date and now is called...TBA). It has been a very happy summer for me.

So much happened at the conference, and I saw and met so many friends, that I can't possibly recount it for you, so I won't try. Suffice it to say that whenever I saw someone with a "first timer" ribbon on her badge, I asked, "How is your conference going?" and she always said, "WOW IT IS SO AMAZING I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T COME SOONER!" That was my experience, too, at the Reno conference in 2005. If you have been debating about going, please don't debate any longer but make plans to attend next year's conference in Anaheim. Whether you are published or pre-published, you will learn so much from the workshops, you will hear amazing speakers at the luncheons, and you will make new lifelong friends who will help your career along and understand you completely.

Now I'm back home in Birmingham. Love Story is coming out in eleven days (!!!) and I would say I'm glad to get back to doing interviews for the release and writing The Book Formerly Known as Double Date...except that MY AIR CONDITIONER IS BROKEN. It is 89 degrees in my house right now. It is 85 degrees outside but "feels like" 91 because of the humidity. Decisions.
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