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Why I've been so quiet...besides the holidays!

January 10 is the Football National Championship game for my alma mater, Auburn University! Remember Drew in Major Crush is dying to go to vet school there? Aw.

But it's also the due date for the revision of my next novel, Love Story, which will be published on July 19. So that's where I'm concentrating most of my energy right now.

I did want to tell you about a few places you can find me around the web. First, if you haven't read Forget You and you're curious about it, you can find the first three chapters on the writing site Figment. On the Figment blog, I also posted about creating romantic chemistry between characters, using Forget You as an example.

Finally, on the YA Outside the Lines blog, I wrote a poem thanking everyone for buying Forget You on the day after Christmas and boosting it to #8 on! (As I write this, it's at #41. I'll take it.)

In other news, Forget You and Going Too Far, or perhaps I should say COMO FUI ESQUECER VOCÊ and LONGE DEMAIS, will be published in Portuguese in Brazil any day now! If you have a sighting, I would love to see a picture! The publisher will send me copies but I haven't seen them yet.

I'll be back to blogging on January 11 or so. In the meantime, enjoy the last of your holidays, and WAR EAGLE!
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