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Day 18

In May I am writing 30,000 words. Yesterday I said I would write 1500 words. I wrote 1527.

And then I discovered that ENDLESS SUMMER is already available at! And my box of author copies finally arrived! And guess who has gotten a job as a UPS driver? Shame looks a lot better in that brown uniform that he does in his usual shorts and baseball socks and sandals, I have to say. So I am not writing today. I am going to send ENDLESS SUMMER to whojackman instead. My goal is to get rid of these things and get back to writing tomorrow.

How did you do?

Your goal for May

Your goal for yesterday (Tuesday)

Your achievement yesterday

Your goal for today

Whining. We haven't had an official day of whining this month, have we? We're more than halfway through and I think we're overdue. Go ahead and make all the excuses you can think of for why you haven't written more. Look at how much more you need to write before the end of the month. Then look at your excuses again and weigh carefully.
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