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But wait, there’s more!

Additional TMI in interviews from the following Girlfriends on the Cyber Circuit:

Linda Gerber: Wherein I reveal where Meg comes from.

Kelly Parra: Wherein I talk about what I hope readers to gain from reading this novel, as if it were good for you, which it is not. Hooray!

Diana Rodriguez Wallach: Wherein I describe my famous ancestor. Btw, I would have to do more research but she probably didn’t get the guillotine. Rich people could pay to have a swordsman cut their heads off instead because it was sharper and faster. This is the only thing I remember from my tour of the Tower of London when I was 17.

Stephanie Kuehnert: Wherein I discuss the soundtrack for the book. Leave a comment by Wednesday and you’re registered to win a copy!

There’s also a new review of Going Too Far on Addicted to Books. Amy says I made her flunk two tests because she couldn’t put the book down, which makes me very proud and very guilty. :(

Now I'm working on the copyedit for The Ex Games, which will be published on October 6. I'm grateful that my editor told me not to make some of the changes the copyeditor suggested. For instance, my editor does not want me to take out the attack cats. Like me, he has a cat, and he understands they can be very ferocious.


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